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As I said before, I slept about 3 hours/night (or even less? haha ) when I was in Miami, and the last night I didn't sleep at all! I was so freaking tired that I fell asleep everywhere on my way home. At the plane, in the taxi, when waiting for the train, on the train... When I came home I fell asleep for 16 hours. Yes, you heard me, 16 hours!! So crazy, but now I'm not tired anymore. yeey! I have a lot of energy again!

At the moment I'm sitting in my room with the radio on, singing (screaming) all by myself. I hope Beate gives me a call in about five minutes, we are going to hang out somewhere, dunno where yet. Actually I wanna go to Rock'n Joe and just chill, love that place! So much better than Starbucks, which I don't like at all. Surprising, huh? I don't drink coffee. :D

However, tomorrow I will meet Jennie and Martina again in NYC. It's gonna be so much fun!! Aaah, I can't believe that it's my last days with them, then I won't see them for a whole year. I'm gonna miss you girls!!

Take care!


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