Ok, I didn't meet Beate because she had to pack. Was it California? Sorry, I talked to too many, just don't remember. Seriously, it feels like I called everyone here in Westfield. Nobody wants to do something tonight! Everybody is travelling, leaving me either today or tomorrow. But don't feel sorry for me, I was in Miami this week so maybe I can sit home all by myself a Friday night? The family is skiing in Vermont, so yes, I'm all by myself. ;)

And since I slept 16 hours, it's impossible for me to close my eyes. Haha, I have so much energy, I'm just jumping around in my room, listening to the best music ever, singing, dancing. Ulala, I'm so happy today!!

Haha, and you know what? I'm moving my things around in my room, rearranging a little bit. The furniture is so heavy, but I have the energy so let's go for it!! I need to change a little bit here, to make it more personal. My next project is to sew some new curtains, get some posters on the wall and get some new decoration. The walls are plain white, so boring! There are two colours I would never choose to have in a room, and guess what, it's baby pink and white all over!! Hahaha.. I hope my hostfamily doesn't get angry with me when they see a totally different room? :D

Kisssses for you!


Postat av: Zara

haha tur jag har då;)
Jo, det är okey faktiskt, även fast jag bara flyttar hela tiden i stort sett men det börjar ju bli sommar så det kan ju inte bli mycket bättre faktiskt!

oh miami vill jag verkligen till också kan tänka mig att det var riktigt härligt där:)

Okeey men då är det ju klart att du ska skriva på engelska, vi svenskar förstår ju om vi bara vill;)
ha det bäst! Kram

2008-03-29 @ 12:52:22

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